About The Show

The three central beliefs behind Book Talk are these:

  1. People are always looking for something good to read.
  2. People are interested in hearing what authors have to say.
  3. More than anything, people crave the kind of deep discussion about fiction that they got back in college but don’t get anymore.

With this in mind, Book Talk promises its listeners these three things:

  1. We’ll pick really good books (which you won’t have heard of).
  2. We’ll have interesting, enlightening conversations with authors.
  3. We’ll bring on smart, thoughtful guest readers who engage in the kinds of conversation about books that you’ve been missing.


Every episode of Book Talk focuses on one (really good) work of contemporary fiction, and features an 25-minute interview with the author and a 25-minute discussion of the book between host Cyd Oppenheimer and two guest readers. One of our local New Haven librarians rounds out our show with a middle-grade recommendation (because who doesn’t love middle-grade fiction?).

Book Talk is a production of WNHH Community Radio (103.5 FM LP), in collaboration with The New Haven Independent. It airs every other Wednesday at 1 pm. All episodes are available on this web site and iTunes.

Here’s what people are saying about Book Talk:

"This episode on THE NIX features the smartest & most thorough discussion of the book I've yet heard. Really seriously brilliant." - Nathan Hill, author of THE NIX (featured on Episode 27)

“Wow! This is hands down the most interesting conversation I have heard about & SONS. You guys are my ideal readers. - David Gilbert, author of & SONS (featured on Episode 17)

“Oh wow. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear that show. . . I am not exaggerating when I say it brought tears. I could not believe I was listening to three readers who so completely got what I was trying to do.” - Holly LeCraw, author of THE HALF BROTHER (featured on Episode 6)

“[The show] just about moved me to tears. No writer could ask for smarter and more thoughtful readers!” - Kristopher Jansma, author of WHY WE CAME TO THE CITY (featured on Episode 13)

“I was completely blown away by how thoughtful and deep your discussion of the book was! What a gift to be read so carefully, and then discussed with such intelligence and enthusiasm.” - Kate Racculia, author of BELLWEATHER RHAPSODY (featured on Episode 12)

"Cyd Oppenheimer is such a powerful and perceptive reader. I learned a lot about my own novel talking to her." - Sari Wilson, author of GIRL THROUGH GLASS (featured on Episode 14)